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Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Card

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Know everything about Office 2010 Product Key Card, installation and activation details, how to get a Product key card for upgrading to full Office 2010 version.

Although Microsoft released Office 2010 last week for purchase through Online stores as well as retails outlets, another alternative way by which Microsoft has been providing trial version of Office 2010 to end consumers is by pre-installing Office 2010 on new computing devices(laptops, netbooks) sold by leading device manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo etc.

The motive behind providing pre-installed Office 2010 trial version is to let people explore the latest features of Office 2010 and unlock the full features and capabilities by upgrading their Office suite  with a Product Key Card.

Upgrading Office 2010 through a Product key card is something new for the ‘Office’ users as this method has been introduced for the first time by Microsoft so here’s everything you need to know about Product key card, how to use it, where to find it and method to upgrade your Office 2010 trial version.

Office 2010 Product Key Card

Product Key Card is a simple way to upgrade your pre-loaded trial version of Office 2010 on a new PC to full version of Office 2010. It must be noted that Product Key Card is particularly meant for “new PCs with pre-loaded Office 2010 trial version”. Existing PCs with beta version of Office 2010 or older version of Office cannot upgrade through Product Key Card.

More details about Product Key Card:

  • It includes a 25-character Product Key. You do not get any disc with it.
  • Every Product Key Card is licensed for one installation on one PC only
  • License cannot be transferred to another PC
  • Backup disc available

Advantages of buying Product Key Card

  • If you’ve bought a new PC (desktop, laptop, netbook), you can get Office 2010 at a discounted price with Product key Card
  • It offers great value for single license users
  • It’s quick to install. Just like unlocking any software application to unleash full features and capabilities

Steps to install and activate Office 2010 using Product Key Card

  • Confirm your PC meets the .
  • Locate your Product Key in your Office 2010 Product Key Card.
  • Check to see if your PC is preloaded with Office 2010. To do so, click the Windows Start menu, and then click All Programs. If you see “Office 2010,” Office is preloaded.
  • If your machine is preloaded with a trial version of Office 2010 then click the Windows Start Menu, and then click Office 2010.
  • On the startup screen, look for “Right tick mark” symbol, and simply click Activate to start activation.
  • When prompted to enter your 25-character Product Key, just enter your product key.
  • Your trial version of Office 2010 is upgraded to full version now.

Where to buy Office 2010 Product Key Card

  • You can buy Office 2010 Product Key Card through any Retail outlet or websites of hardware manufacturers
  • Alternately, you can buy a Product key card through Amazon.com
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39 Comments to Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Card

  1. Juan A Suarez

    Bought an Office Home and Student 2010 Family Pack for x3 noncommercial use. Was unable to install because a missing file in the DVD. Installed a Trial Version on PC and used the trial ID.
    I am concern if I will be able to load trials on separate computers and use the same product key on all 3 for which I paid.
    What is the best way to proceed to be able to install my product in three computers.

  2. My laptop had to be reloaded, formatted so i dont have no microsoft at all, but I do have the new cd “Microsoft Office Home and business 2010″ doesnt want to accept the “product key”.
    what must i do?
    i already spend money buying the latest microsoft but cant install.
    kindly regards

  3. Rick Jiminez

    I have a new computer,I received it a few months ago, my problem with it, everytime it calls for the Key Code, I enter the numbers and letters, the I hit enter, it tells me that the numbers are incorrect. How can I fix that?

  4. Rick Jiminez

    I have a new computer,I received it a few months ago, my problem with it, everytime it calls for the Key Code, I enter the numbers and letters, the I hit enter, it tells me that the numbers are incorrect. How can I fix that?

  5. Trish Gregory

    I am trying to find out how to do my free upgrade from Microsoft 2007, which I bought with my Toshiba laptop in March, 2010. I have upgraded my desktop, and now need to add the laptop, but can’t find where to do this. I have my product key for this. What do I do now?

  6. Emile Guidry

    I accidentally deleated my ms office 2010 from my new HP computer when I installed ms office 2007. Can I still upgrade to office 2010? I still have the (click-to-run Q drive) in my computer (which I cannot access)! Will the ms office 2010 upgrade still work & let me use the “product key card” or will I have to purchase the full version? epg

  7. I purchased a new pc with office2010 preload. When I select the office2010 on the startup menu, I get a Ms office setup error message and no prompt to enter the info on the product card that I have.

    • This is absurd…You better reboot and try one more time and if problem persists, visit the store from where you purchased your pc. This is very unusual problem.

  8. i have a brand new computer with microsft office 2010 preloaded i just need the the product key can you please send me the microsoft site of where i can buy the key

    thank you

    • It’s actually a trial version..You either have to buy a Product key card separately(search it on Amazon) for activating full version…or you simply download a fresh full version of Office 2010 from Microsoft store(link on the top right side of our website). Buying genuine software from authorized store is the only solution…

  9. prasenjit nandi

    sir i have a dell laptop with preloaded microsoft office but it product key i can’nt find .please help me to access the ms office 2010

    • It’s actually a trial version..You either have to buy a Product key card separately for activating full version…or you simply download a fresh full version of Office 2010 from Microsoft store(link on the top right side of our website). Buying genuine software from authorized store is the only solution…

  10. sir i bought a dell laptop with preloaded microsoft office and i found the product key on the backside of laptop but while entering in concerned box it says itz invalid .please help me to access the ms office 2010

    • @Suja You are mistaken. What you are assuming as Office 2010 product key has to be something else. Dell laptop comes preloaded with just trial version of Office 2010 and you will have to purchase Office 2010 full version from online Microsoft Store (find link on right side) to get the full version or purchase the ‘Office 2010 product key card’ from any retail store to get proper activation key.

  11. Alpay D. Raduch

    I bought a HP laptop and an activation card for the pre-installed office 2010. I activated but some programmes like Outlook, Access and Publisher still says trial, why?

  12. hello, i’ve recently bought a new hp computer, it has ms office 2010 starter loaded in it, but i can’t use the other ms office programs except ms excel and word…i’ve trial version for it..how do i activate the other programs, i didn’t actually get any product key card…please help?

    • @nizam You will not get a free microsoft office 2010 product key card along with the trial versions…You will have to buy it explicitly from ant retail store where it is available.

  13. i’ve tried severally to open my MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010,but keeps asking for product key which i dont have. what can i do?

    • You have got a pre-installed version that will not let you use Office 2010 in its full capacity until you apply a genuine office 2010 Product key into it. For buying office 2010 product key, you simply need to buy office 2010 product key card and your problem will be solved.

  14. I purchased anew computer with office instaled nd every time i enter the product key i get a massege that it’s invalid how can i resolve this????????????????????

    • Are you sure you didn’t purchase a product key card as that will provide you actual activation key. You can take a look at your nearest retailer for buying a Product Key Card for Office 2010.

  15. I bought my laptop. It is preloaded with Microsoft Office 2010. But i cannot activate it because i don’t know the product key. So i cannot open and use the Office. Where is the product key? And how to find it?

  16. Hi, I’ve just bought a new HP Pavillion desktop PC which has MS Office 2010 (all 3 versions) pre-installed but require a ‘product key’ to activate the software. I’ve bought a sealed copy of MS Office 2010 (Home & Business) cheap …. If I use its associated 25 character Product Key inside the package can I expect it to activate my pre-installed software. Put another way is there any difference between using the ‘product key’ on a card and the ‘product key’ inside the package of a disc based system ?

    thanks for your help, John

    • If the key is unused and genuinely bought, It shouldn’t make a difference whether you use it for activating disc version or pre-installed version.

  17. I have purchased Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 and i can not activate it, it is a preloaded card, i have E-mail as to how i was to activate it and i have phoned and i do not get answer ,,, want do i do ????????

  18. i bought a new acer laptop, i has office 2010 setup, which demands a product key to be fully installed, (provided it runs only the starter version of ms word and excel_ powerpoint still missing) how i will be able to activate it,(because there is also a hard drive partition in ‘ my computer .- and more importantly how can i get the product key of that??

  19. i have ms office 2010 but have lost my product key and pin publisher is telling me i need to enter the product key in order to use it what do i do???

  20. Karen Montero

    How come I have to keep inputting my product key to activate Access 2010. I purchased the Microsoft Office 2010 and already installed it and already using all the other programs but cannot open Access.

  21. I have a preinstall MS Microsft 2010 and I did not activate it with a product key until it was too late for me to do so and it as defaulted into “viewer mode” a mode that disables document editing. I now have purchased a product key. I try activating it thru the net but it seems it is recognising the pre-install Product ID number saying it is now unlicensed. How can I activate my MS Office 2010 using my product key and renew the license?

  22. I have a new laptop with preloaded microsoft office 2010 but i have no product key. I want to activate it.

  23. Got a new hard drive on my laptop so had to re-install office packagese, when i go onto office it say connect via internet and only so many uses left.

  24. All the sudden my 25 product key code will not be accepted when I try to work in any of my old word documents as well as I can not create a new word document. Help!!
    I purchased Mocrosoft Office home and studen 2010 in Sept 2010.

  25. joan doyle

    I have had to have my lap top put back to factory setings
    but have also lost my office which i had payed to have on.
    Could you tellme how to get my office back on and where to put in my key

  26. sir i have purchased microsoft starter 2010 recently, iam already using the word starter 2010 and excel starter2010, but iam not able to access powerpoint and other application if i enter the product it is saying in valid what should i do to use powerpoint starter 2010??

  27. Robert A. Boice

    Activated my microsoft office,home and business in June 2010. Recently started new business and needed to use Microsoft Outlook but was not activated. All other programs, Word, Excel,PowerPoint and Onenote activated and are available. How can I activate Outlook which is a part of the business package.Thank you.

  28. Judy Ann Smith

    I purchased a Microsoft Office 2012 Home and Student disc this weekend and loaded it onto my computer but everytime I open Publisher or Access, it keeps asking for the access code. I put it in over and over again without being able to get access to these two programs. I can get access to Word, Power Point, and Excell but not the other two. It pulls it up in the back ground but want bring it up with out asking for the access code even after I put my access code in over and over again when asked. Please help.

  29. Judy Ann Smith

    I put Microsoft Office 2012 on 3 computers but I had to reinstall it on my lap top because it did not load Microsoft Access or Microsoft Publisher the first time I installed it and now I can not pull up these 2 programs without it asking me for the product code which I put in each time but It shows the program in the back ground and asked me for the product code. I have put the key in several times and it will not take it now. Maybe because it is counting this time as the 4th time I installed the program. My laptop twice. Please help.

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